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Jean Westbrook, MA, CH, CMI               (Jean Westbrook Leavitt)
~ offering services for over thirty years ~

As a clairvoyant medium, Jean has been offering unique channeled readings for over 30 years and has studied metaphysics for over 40 years. The readings focus on probabilities rather than predictions, as she believes in free will.  Sessions provide an emotional/spiritual mirror to help clients see what patterns may be blocking what they wish to create. A MariEL healer, Jean brings a joyful, sensitive, spiritual energy to all her work. Founder of Circle of WaterLight, center for spiritual connection, Jean has been interviewed on radio, television, and in newspapers.  She offers sessions in person, by phone and via Skype. She travels locally, nationally and internationally, offering seminars, lectures, and readings. Jean holds a master's degree in creative writing, is certified in hypnosis and is a certified meditation instructor.

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Listen to Jean interviewed on the topic of "Spiritual Empowerment" 
by Loretto Vasso on the Psychic Partners Radio Show:                                       
Go to
and type in  the "search Blog Talk radio" tab on the top bar:
"Jean Westbrook Leavitt" to find the show aired on 5/14/2012. 

Client testimonials: 

"I just listened to my CD . . . you were very accurate about many things. 
We talked about my mother finding her birth mother. As of last Friday we didn't know many things about her... You, or the channel, said she died younger than she wanted from something of the second chakra or throat. She did! She died in her mid 50's of throat and lung cancer, she was a HEAVY smoker for many years.. Everything you said to me about her is true....You have an amazing gift... thank you."  A. M. ~ Pennsylvania, USA

"I am continuing to integrate and explore the guidance I received during the channeling session with you. I am so glad that I listened to my intuition and got myself to a session! Thank you again. You are truly gifted!"
S. W. ~ Pennsylvania, USA

“I just wanted to thank you again for doing a reading for me about [my cat]….you were totally right, there was a problem with her intestines... She had life-saving surgery on Sunday night, and came home to us last night. It looks like she's going to be 100% okay!! …it really helped me to get clear and know what the next right steps would be. Thank you so much.” S. N. ~ Pennsylvania, USA


Jean offers channeled sessions, locally, nationally, and internationally, which provide clear, accurate information and an emotional/spiritual mirror to gain clarity in making positive choices. Jean believes we have free will, so she offers probabilities rather than predictions.


For two months, Circle of WaterLight offers ALL 45 minute readings (in person or by phone) at the reduced price of $60.
$60 for one
$55 for two or more

valid for six months from purchase
purchase for yourself or another 
for an in-person session or by phone.
Give the gift of clarity & guidance!

Usual 45 minutes:   $80           
Option of 30 minutes:  $65     
Discount day 45 minutes:   $60 
Gift certificate for 45 minutes:   $60
[Purchase 2 or more $55 each]

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Level I
Sundays, 2:30 - 5:00 pm, $146 
Returns in JANUARY, 2016

Four session intuition seminar
Let Jean know if interested:

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Bring a Friend 
(In-Person Reading)
$15 off your full length session

Reading Gift Certificates:
(45 minute session)
$20 off usual fee

Hypnosis Package:
(Three 60 minute sessions) 
reduced to $180

Past Life Regression:
(90 minute hypnosis journey)

Host a Group in your Area:
(readings or seminar)
Your session or seminar free


Level 1.5 

Sundays: NOV 8, 15, 29. DEC 6
Doylestown, PA 2:30 - 5:00 pm,
$146 (includes booklet of handouts)
In this small, fun, and intense four session seminar (for those who have already taken Awaken Your Intuition ~ Level 1.0.), we will continue to explore topics such as ethics, intention, releasing blocks, understanding energy, seeing auras, achieving altered states, verbally channeling your spirit guide, using your intuitive vocabulary, remote viewing, merging with an object, body scans, and more.  Discussion, guided meditation and weekly partnering exercises. If interested, contact Jean soon to hold your place. 

To repeat the seminar and audit this course, sign up soon (regular fee or $73)

* * *

"Thank you so much for a wonderful learning experience. I can't express my gratitude deeply enough for the awareness I have developed, and the spiritual connectionsI have strengthened. I am starting to put what I have learned into use and the results are excellent. Keep up the good work!"     M. D. ~ Pennsylvania, USA 

* * *

10:00 am - 12:30 pm, 
Doylestown, PA, $38

Learn the tools and techniques as well as the philosophy of this ancient, spiritual practice.  Learn to focus, relax, let go of mind chatter.  Connect with Spirit.  Studies of those practicing meditation show incredible physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits.  Meditation in a group is a powerful thing!

[Those planning to attend the Awaken Your Intuition class in January 2016 may find this seminar helpful.

A certified meditation instructor (CMI) for many years, Jean has taught at wellness centers, retirement communities, yoga centers, and other venues.

* * *

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